twitterless for a week

Last week I went mostly twitterless. I meant to do so ever since I had read Tom Limoncelli’s piece. There had been twitterless weekends but hey the stream that I am following is small enough to read on a Monday morning.

This time it was a little over a week: 8 days. And you know what? I did not miss it. Twitter bankruptcy is like INBOX bankruptcy without feeling any regret. For if I missed a good tweet or link to information I am sure it will pop up again sometime in the near future.

GReaderless for a week

Google Reader is showing 1000+ items waiting to be dealt with. Yet I do not feel ready to declare GReader bankruptcy even though most of the unread stuff comes from the Theory of Computing Blog Aggregator (and most stuff from it comes from the arXiv). It seems that I view my RSS feeds more like email.

Update 2012/12/05: I press “mark all as read” with no regret.

No FriendFeed for a week

I use my FriendFeed account mostly for interconnecting my twitter account, my blog and the items that I share through Google Reader. Nothing to worry about then.

Update 2012/12/05: FriendFeed?

One thought on “twitterless for a week

  1. I’ve started my twitterless week today and this time is on purpose (I’ve done it before, for another reason and for 4 days, as you did).

    In general, I agree with what you’ve written in your post and I don’t expect too much to happen, except for an increase in productivity, maybe. If, on the other hand, there ‘ll be anything remarkable, I’ll write something in my blog.

    Twitter is just another tool; it depends on how someone is using it.

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