ksh script template

Dave Taylor (author of elm) asked:

need to write my Linux Journal shell script programming column and am sitting here without a topic/script in mind. Suggestions?

My suggestion was to write about scriptt.sh which I first encountered in this BigAdmin article:

Writing a script template with the most frequently used functions one time and reusing it for your scripts makes life easier. Doing this as shell script instead of, for example, perl, ensures that you can just copy the script to a new machine and have it work.

2 thoughts on “ksh script template

    1. I replied back citing the BigAdmin link :)

      This post had been sitting in the drafts for ~2 years (== write something about scriptt.sh). I was planning to test scriptt.sh with OpenBSD’s pdksh. Have not done so yet. I do not think it will be that hard for the script to work with bash.

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