inbox bankruptcy

My good friend Panagiotis Astithas wrote to me recently:

“Nowadays my INBOX is not what it used to be. I have incoming messages / news from GMail, EBS mail, NETMODE mail, NOC mail, Twitter, Friendfeed, Facebook, Google Reader (and I am surely forgetting some) and I have made sure to minimize both duplication and polling effort (using .forward, gmail notifier and firestatus :-) ).”

With so many sources comprising our INBOX (and not just email) we should replace the term email bankruptcy with inbox bankruptcy.

3 thoughts on “inbox bankruptcy

  1. Crap, even Knuth suffered from it:

    Stanford computer science professor Donald E. Knuth started using e-mail in 1975 and stopped using it 15 years later. Knuth said he prefers to concentrate on writing books rather than be distracted by the steady stream of communication.

    “I’d get to work and start answering e-mail — three hours later, I’d say, “Oh, what was I supposed to do today?” Knuth said that he has no regrets. “I have been a happy man since Jan. 1 , 1990.”

  2. Dude, the guy quitted reading email 2.5 years before I start reading it… Suddenly I feel like an internet newbie.

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