The first page of my notebook

About a week ago I started using a new notebook. I had it for quite some time, but did not keep any notes in it.  PocketMods keep me happy most of the time, and I just fold the paper, not even print anything special on them.

But when it is a “real” notebook, the first page, the first line to be precise, is always hard. It has to be meaningful and with nice letters. I am not sure why, others are:

So when you see a white person with one of these notebooks, you should always ask them about what sort of projects they are working on their free time.  But you should never ask to actually see the notebook lest you ask the question “how are you going to make a novel out of five phone numbers and a grocery list?”

This time the first line reads computational theory of mind.

first page

The next pages were more like the grocery list :) BTW, this page was written with a Moleskine Classic Roller Pen Plus 0.7.

2 thoughts on “The first page of my notebook

  1. Foucault’s Pendulum was pretty much about 5 phone numbers and a grocery list. I don’t know how important that is.

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