on car ownership

[ mostly preserving a Facebook comment that I made ]

Old pal Themos, retweeted:

RT @SirKneeland: Silicon Valley, last month: “car ownership is dead”
Silicon Valley, now: “I just pre-ordered my new Tesla”

To which I responded:

Car ownership will be like horse ownership: Irrelevant for the most of us. That is the point. Pre-ordering a new Tesla and bragging about it is like bragging about new horse of the “right” ancestry.

But as a general transportation means (as opposed to recreation and vanity) it is going to wear off.

Just like a horse, most of the time a car is idle and when moving it mostly carries its own weightmass.

That does not mean that we’re going to have a population of cars equal to the population of horses bread for racing and games, but more of how we’re going to treat them, especially the ones with decidedly less AI support.

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