The Varouhacker

[ Update: Well it is true: Varoufakis OMFIF briefing. ]

I will suspend my belief for a while and will assume that half of this plan is partially true. With regards to hacking his own ministry in order to get data we see that:

[The plan] would allow the creation of a parallel system that could operate if banks were forced to close and which would allow payments to be made between third parties and the state and could eventually lead to the creation of a parallel banking system

I strongly believe that if true, then Varoufakis has read the “Flash Boys” where a bunch of guys set out and created a fair stock market platform. But you know, Flash Boys writes nothing about the implementation details of this. They are left out because they would make the story boring (and would genuinely interest less than 10% of the readers). Which means he cannot even begin to understand the pain of building anything close to this, let alone the effort to direct user support.

The man may be able to capture an audience but understands nothing about implementation.

Wolfgang Pauli: This is to prove that I can paint like Titian. Only the technical details are missing
Wolfgang Pauli: This is to show the world that I can paint like Titian. Only the technical details are missing

But here is another thing:

“You know what? I control the machines, I control the hardware but I do not control the software. The software belongs to the troika controlled General Secretary of Public Revenues. What do I do?”

Whether you read this as having legitimate or illegitimate access to the system (the article is poorly written on this and implies at first that the systems were hacked and they gained control, but the second time it mentions hardware control it reads as legitimate access) I take it that nobody around Varoufakis knew anything about Oracle.

I also take it that Varoufakis and OPSEC are a recipe for disaster.

At the risk of being pedantic I find this to be very poor reporting because of a detail: I can never understand whether said control of the systems was legitimate or a result of the hack; neither V’s words nor the reporter’s make it clear whether unauthorised access has been committed. This is a crucial detail for me. It makes the difference between having people prosecuted or not. However by making the assumption of who the Columbia technologist is, this is legitimate access to the systems, hence no hack.

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