An online test for Benford’s Law

I’ve been fascinated with Benford’s Law ever since I read Mark Nigrini‘s “Digital analysis using Benford’s Law“. As part of the fun I’ve used it to check whether email subject length follows it. So I figured, why not make a check available online? And here it is:

You copy-paste your number series and the application displays a column chart of the occurences of the first digit and the theoretical occurencies expected.

The first 50 Fibonacci numbers and Benford's Law
The first 50 Fibonacci numbers and Benford’s Law

Use it and tell me what you think. Many thanks to Vaggelis Tripolitakis for finding the first bug. Be gentle with it as it runs as a free Google App Engine service. Depending on my free time and feedback I get, I may add the rest of the tests that Nigrini describes (second digit, last digit and first two digit distributions).

If you like it very much, you can buy me the kindle edition of the second edition of Nigrini’s book.

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