Bringing Nothing to the Party

I heard about the book thanks to a post written by @nikan. I read the HTML version of it on my BeBook Mini. What follows are a few thoughts on the book (in no particular order):

While the subtitle of the book reads:

True Confessions of a New Media Whore

It could easily (and more fittingly) read:

“Οὐκ ἐᾷ με καθεύδειν· τὸ τοῦ Μιλτιάδου τρόπαιον”

According to the narrative, Carr spends a lot of his time in Entrepreneur networking events together with very (financially) successful (and famous in certain circles) people:

“I’ve been around the people in this room for my entire working life, and count many of them among my good friends. I’ve written about them in newspapers, and I’ve published their books. I go to their parties, and share their successes and failures. But I’m not one of them . And that’s fine by me.”

(Big personal parenthesis: The above paragraph could easily describe my experience with the Greek Database Mafia. I am a friend of most of them, but not one of them. And that is fine by me too.)

Only it really was not fine by the author. And with “If them, then why not me?” at hand, he proceeds on discussing about his successes and failures (including some personal ones) using sharp British humor, which is kind of helpful when one reads the book on the bus returning home after work. Other than that the book contains useful instructions on how not to kill your angel investor by Power Point and a basic element for success:

– Have a fucking brilliant idea

Ultimately, Paul Carr failed in his quest for while he was committed to the jet-set lifestyle of the entrepreneurs he spent time drinking with, he was not committed to hard work the same way they did. An interesting story, but nothing more.

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