One thought on “61-65

  1. Given the fact that PAO had several injured key players, I’d like to note the importance of having as coach Dusan “Duda” Ivkovic standing against a master of the kind like Obradovic.

    As an off-topic note: I’m really sad to see so many Greek talented players, that are inherently defensive. Greece (as our national team shows) has not produced an offensive guard since the uber-skilled duo Gallis-Yannakis, with the exception of Koronios.

    The offensive player gets crashed from the very beginning in Greece, because teams sacrifice creativity in exchange of strong defense.

    Although we won 1 European Cup and we figured top rankings the last 8 years, the national team with just two quality offensive players would be able to beat Spain on (almost) every occasion.

    Not to mention that I consider Yannakis seriously under-skilled when it comes on tactics.

    In fact, if yesterday Yannakis was coaching Olympiakos, the game probably would have different winner

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