Super Crunchers

I am slightly disappointed. Two problems with the book (three if you count the translation which was forcing me to re-translate in English and back to Greek):

  1. The book feels like an extended version of an already long paper. This becomes tiring at times.
  2. The book explains why traditional experts in certain (all?) fields will be replaced by statistical methods. What the book does not say, is that a new breed of experts will rise: The ones that will devise the statistical models. The untrained eye may easily believe that all it takes is a lot of data and a few keystrokes.

I wrote the above lines while reading the book and before the final chapter. Chapter 8 makes up for the above, but somehow I expected more. Maybe I do not belong to the target audience.

PS1: While reading the book, I think I discovered how the character of Ian Frost (from Turing) was named.

PS2: Going through the author’s page I came across stickK which seems to be a perfect tool to fight procrastination.

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