Open Systems Security – an Architectural Framework

“In the old days” when security information was scarce and many of us began shaping our security mentality (be it white, gray or black) by reading “Improving the Security of Your Site by Breaking Into it” and the Computer Security FAQ and running tools like iss and Crack. I think it was there that I first read about Arto Karila’s PhD thesis. Even though it is an OSI based document, it helped understand basic concepts. However there were two problems with the document:

  1. It was hard to find, and
  2. It was in a weird PostScript format that even modern versions of ghostscript refuse to display.

With the help of a friend I managed to transform it to PDF and upload it to Scribd: Open Systems Security – an Architectural Framework

Of historical value mostly.

Update 2013/04/13: Now available at

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