F1 (random) thoughts

I had not watched a F1 championship for years. Maybe the occasional race once or twice per year. My interest in the sport was renewed by Formula 1: Drive to Survive. It offered a unique (although with a bit of reality) insight in the sport. So I watched the second half of last year’s championship and am watching the 2021 also.

I started wondering about the telemetry, monitoring, observability tools the teams use. After all, using your current understanding of things to understand something new is what we humans do most of the time. I understand monitoring and analytics infrastructures, I have an interest how people setup these in F1. Atlas 10 was mentioned in my FB feed by a friend.

I then started paying attention to the small advertising stickers on the cars. Not for the usual suspects like Oracle, Kaspersky and Citrix. JuliaHub what are you doing there? Julia is a programming language for scientific programming for those who don’t know about it. Not everything is about Python in computational science. Fascinating.

And then there was the most interesting observation, Tezos. I’ve seen it on McLaren and Red Bull. And to show that advertising works, I had $5 invested once in Etherium. I converted it to Tezos :)

While you’re here, bored, check this WIPO decision about the f1.com domain name once upon a time.

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