Today’s #soundtrack

[ I posted this originally on Facebook, but since there’s some dust collected in the blog, well … ]

Today’s #soundtrack is two albums I had not listened to for a long long time:

  • Dreams of Freedom (Ambient Translations of Bob Marley)
  • Chant Down Babylon – a hip-hop remix of Bob Marley songs

As I am writing this, I decided that it is high time I put all my CDs in boxes store them away and make some space. (I parted with my Rap / Hip-Hop collection in 2005; let’s part with the other half 15 years later). For sentimental reasons I will only keep the John Coltrane and JAZZ & TZAZ MAGAZINE ones on display.

We do not even have a proper CD player anymore. We have a Tivoli Model One and its aux port is shared between a Google Audio (where we cast sound) and a portable CD player (also not so frequently used).

Streaming automation has made this almost a no brainer choice. For now at least. I think I own more music than I can listen to anyway. Even on streaming services I rarely look for new releases. I just look for the convenience of recalling something I already own or know about and may not own it for some reason. Like the first 8 albums of Iron Maiden 🙂

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