newsletters that I value

Let’s break this blog’s hiatus with an uninteresting post.

I am still a heavy email user. I am subscribed to more mailing lists and newsletters than most can handle, and even I, after almost 30 years of email usage, am feeling INBOX fatigue. I unsubscribe and delete unread mail without remorse. However there are a handful of newsletters that I think I am going to keep around for as long as they are around. These are:

  • Fermat’s Library. I won’t claim that I understand either every paper, or commentary on paper of the week. But I get interesting, yet never pursued, ideas sometimes.
  • The morning paper. More CS centric and also I won’t claim to always grasp the subject (or even like it). But still, good things to consider here.
  • Quanta magazine. Science concepts delivered in a way they can be understood.
  • The porcupine newsletter. Because if I had time, I’d want to post a newsletter and follow its style.

So what are yours?


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