I blog to myself

I do not take much care of this blog the last few years. Not much input or something to share. It is not that I am not journaling; I am. Just to myself. Every day. I keep a daily log of what happened. This started when one day I realized that I could not remember what I had done the previous week. Work related mostly, but indeed I could not. Had my manager asked me “Why did we pay you for this week?” I could not tell him.

So I started keeping one or two sentences per day, at the end of the day. What I thought was the most important thing to remember a month from now. And then other things happened: outages, maybe something that got me angry, something I learned, something I enjoyed, something I am planning. They all go in there.

Sometimes I neglect scribbling even a sentence a day. Maybe for four days in a row. But then when I sit down I make an effort to remember. At first something comes into mind and I put it down. Then, usually when I am noting something of another day, something pops up (“Wait, was this yesterday, or the day before?”) and the timeline of events falls into order.

These days I have my file open while I am doing stuff and sometimes I keep my notes while things happen. Like when I had Zookeepers that refused to bind to IPv4 addresses. Well, export KAFKA_OPTS="-Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=True" goes into the journal and for future reference.

So there, I write to myself daily and somehow this is helping me a lot. In recalling back things, keeping track of my day, stuff like that. But I guess there’s some light version of the spoon theory for blogging, and since I blog to myself every day, I’ve not much to share. Whatever few glimpses are there, usually go to Facebook, or twitter.

2 thoughts on “I blog to myself

  1. I have this “daily log” routine for the past few years (in $dayjob’s internal blog). I do it near realtime, not end of day. Entries that would be too big, are converted to wikipages and linked to the daily log. Sometimes I wished the entries were public. This consumes a few spoons of my blogging appetite.

    My experience is the opposite of what @stazybo mentioned, I link/correlate past updates and has saved me many times when colleagues ask “what happened on $date”.

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