These days I am reading Autonomous in which humans and autonomous robots coexist (there are also indentured humans and robots) and at one point a remark is made about a robotic research assistant that does not need to sleep, implied as an advantage.

This is not something new.  In Beggars in Spain (the first book) there are also genetically engineered people who do not sleep with this being a competitive advantage and causing friction among sleepers and non-sleepers.

And then I remember Marissa Mayer talking about being “strategic about when you sleep, when you shower, and how often you go to the bathroom”.

I think Age of Em deals with this in a better way having Ems slow down their CPUs (making it a matter of energy cost, but I have not finished that book, so I am not sure how this idea gets developed).

Which is why I want to leave you with the 6-2-1 rule that popped into my twitter stream: 6 hours of sleep, 2 meals per day, 1 shower. Analytics from my Nokia Go say that I am not really following this.

Happy New Year.

4 thoughts on “sleep

  1. Or, you can read this about depression and hours of sleep and re-think whether people who suggest 6-2-1 really know their stuff about brain function….

  2. Forgot link: Seriously now, I wouldn’t follow the 6-2-1 and risk a mental health problem because the Silicon Valley or someone else suggests. I guess your job is probably very demanding but is it worth it? (Not a rhetorical question, I would like to hear your opinion).

    1. Well in my case the 6 would be an improvement, so I cannot really comment on this. I do not sleep a lot, but this is not due to the demanding nature of my work (it is, but my employer demands that we are well rested). I require both a lot of study time and a lot of downtime that is not sleeptime it seems.

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