Newsletters that I receive weekly

I am pretty sure this is not the complete list, but I am giving it a shot anyway:

I am almost certain I’ve missed some. I may return to the list in the future.

2 thoughts on “Newsletters that I receive weekly

  1. Thanks for the list! I’ll take a look and maybe subscribe. Here is mine

    – Golang weekly
    – Microservices weekly
    – Ruby weekly
    – WebOps weekly
    – The Morning Paper

    The only problem that I usually skim through Microserver, WebOps and Ruby weekly. I don’t pay too much attention to Golang because I’m not that proficient in Go (learning go in my spare right now though).

    By far the most interesting is “The Morning Paper” by Adrian Colyer. I don’t read everything. I read ~ 1 / week actually. It is easier when I know one thing or two about the topic, but his newsletter is really, really awesome. You should try it! :-)

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