1% better than yesterday

I am a >Code supporter. In the latest episode, guest Jerome Hardaway said something along the lines of:

Each day I want to be 1% better than the last

I don’t think that even he understands the power of the message. Let’s make a simple graph out of it, where on day 1 we have a value of 1 for a certain skill:

1% better daily

What this means is that in less than a year you aim to be x7 better than when you started. Granted this is only a rough estimate and depending the subject, the difficulty, other issues and any other kind of ceiling a x7 result won’t come, but still, the result won’t be linear.

As the days go by, you’re becoming extremely more competent than you thought, even if today you did not make it to be 1% better than yesterday, but only 0.1% better.

The point is that you do not stop.

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