not even a simple toaster is simple enough

Out of the 4 regular readers of this blog, this post may connect with two of them (you know who you are). I was going through Don’t start from scratch, which details the story of a guy who wanted to build his own toaster, literally from scratch. Starting from the iron ore up to the finished product:

“I realized that if you started absolutely from scratch you could easily spend your life making a toaster.”

Upon reading this, I was reminded of another post I had read back when Google Reader was still a thing and I was still reading stuff from academics (the pain of my PhD failure is still there, but my job is more demanding and I do not read theory any more):

Certainly you should never read anything from the 1960’s or 70’s or you will realize that it all has been done before — by Real Programmers who had to code in assembly on a trinary architecture with sixteen levels of virtual address space segmentation and only two registers

I do not know why, but these two connected themselves; memory is a funny thing.

xkcd 378

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