How to hire

Well this is the summary of my notes after listening to this podcast episode, about a subject I know nothing about. Five rules on hiring that can make you or brake you. They seem pretty normal to me, I guess I will try to make some use of them in the future:

  • Have a process and make it collaborative. It does not really matter what kind of process you have in place. It matters that you have one. Because once you have it and you have to shift through a lot of applications, patterns of interest to you will emerge. Make it a collaborative process in order to gain more perspectives and do not rush it, for you will end up hiring the first one that comes through the door without thinking it through.
  • Hire for attitude to work and accountability. When you’re hiring, you should try to figure out whether the person applying is taking ownership of their failures or missed goals, or whether it was always everybody else’s fault.
  • Be aware of your natural bias for sameness. Sameness can bring you closer to groupthink. You do not want that. Even Drucker advocated for dissent. To achieve it you need to be aware of your natural bias.
  • Know what is culture in your company and what is not. This is a pain point because when hired you can end up in the wrong environment. Not a happy arrangement for both parties. Just imagine being a 9to5 person at an all out, “sleep under the desk” company.
  • Hire for potential. This one I use to hear and real all over, including this podcast. Maybe this happens because everyone is looking for a specific type of guru? I do not know. But sure, if you cannot find (or pay) the specific worker that you’re looking for, why not build them? What if you build them and they leave, asks the old joke. What if you do not build them and you have none then?

Funny thing: This is the first podcast episode I ever listened to and kept notes (the bold lines, plus some keywords). And it is all transcribed.

PS: I believe the twins study mentioned in the podcast is this one.

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