The Phoenix Project

I remember I got the Phoenix Project for the Kindle for free on a promotional day sometime back in 2013. I’ve been meaning to read it ever since. But back in those days I was suffering from the problems that the main character is suffering for at least the first 35% of the book. And well, when you can simply rename the characters of a book and relive the experience it is not something that helps.

I finally made it this week and got through it with some late night reading. Just like now that I am writing the post minutes after reading the last page. I am not going to rumble about the three ways or even the four types of work. By now this is common stuff and even some years ago, if you tried to read about Systems Thinking or even Cybernetics, you would have reached to those conclusions. But hey a story always imprints a lesson better than a textbook and this is so much better than The Deadline. You want to revisit The Deadline in order to copy the notes of Mr. Tompkins. You do not need to revisit The Phoenix Project.

Interestingly the book forms a career path for people interested to follow. It kind of reminded me of Putt’s Law and how you cannot postpone your promotions forever. I find it kind of optimistic careerwise, depending the location of the reader and there is still the question of the top floor.

While this is a novel about DevOps, DevOps still means different things to different people. Luckily this is a novel for all people for whom DevOps at least means something.

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