gmond occupying 100% of the CPU

If you are running Ganglia in a non multicast environment, it may be the case where a gmond process occupies 100% of the system’s CPU. In such cases it is helpful to check whether the node should be deaf or not (when it is a node that should not receive any messages from others). So try to set in your gmond.conf:

deaf = yes

and see what happens. This has happened to me on CentOS 6.x systems.

2 thoughts on “gmond occupying 100% of the CPU

  1. The instructions on DigitalOcean say to “Comment out the whole udp_recv_channel section with the /* … */ syntax, as this server won’t be receiving anything.” However, if you do this (on gmond 3.6.0) it produces lots of “apr_pollset_poll returned unexpected status 22 = Invalid argument” warnings. As above, you must also set “deaf = yes” to fix this.

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