Livescribe, is it worth it?

/* What follows is a revision of a comment I left on Facebook when a friend asked me whether Livescribe is worth the trouble. My friend is a graphics artist with a world best seller under his belt.*/

– Is it worth it?

I have the Sky WiFi model (2G). Yes and no. WiFi connectivity at home has been problematic and so far I have changed WiFi channels twice and “forgotten” the network once to make it work.

The pen is longer and fatter than what I am used to (hell, I’ve cut my Rotring Art Pen 4cm shorter). But this does not seem to cause any difficulties in handling it because to me the pen seems properly balanced.

If I were you, I would try to have one. I suppose that you make rough sketches and drafts all the time and the ability to have them converted to PDF automatically is handy. Integration with Evernote is something cool and I do not think I would use Evernote if not for the Sky WiFi.

However keep in mind that it needs its own paper (google Anoto pattern) and so far any paper that I have seen is ruled, including paper that you can print on your own. A cool feature of Anoto printed paper is that the pen recognises both the notebook and the page number of the notebook when you see it listed on Evernote. Helpful when you want to track something from the PDF back to the physical.

Ink is also another thing. You have two color choices: black and blue ballpoints of medium size. It is quite possible that refills for the Faber Castell Trio multifunction pen match but I have not checked yet. And I think they are also black and blue only.

It is not what I imagined it to be for me, but I think I will not use a sketch / paint program for drawings that I need to do for presentations and / or documentation for the next year or two.

The fact that you can record audio while you scribe is really cool for presentations. You can also play, pause, stop and even replay from a certain point of your notes and downward.

/* I am posting this right after sharing a sketch with two coworkers who are away from me */

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