Remote: Office Not Required

I finished “Remote: Office Not Required“. It took me a bit longer than I expected, but I have more than three books open at the moment. I really liked the book. While one can find a rehash of ideas that exist also in “Getting Real” and “Rework“, I find it stronger. Especially now that I employ a quasi remote way of work. The most powerful message in the book is this:

For the remote worker, all that matters is work delivered.

So I guess, if you have ever felt as your work not being recognized, you have to try remote working. The book is about how to employ people working remote for you (and not blowing it up and therefore blame it on remote work) and for people that want to work remotely in order not to get lost because of distance. I spotted a few things that I do wrong; habbits that I have to change. Because this is what remote work is about: Installing proper habbits and corporate culture that can make it work. Working remotely and acting locally is a recipe for failure, so you need to read this book prior to starting any remote work program, or starting working remotely as a contractor or an employee.

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