ReWork: Change the way you work

I just finished reading ReWork by the 37signals gang. Normally I do not like books that teach me nothing. To that end I can say that I learned nothing new from the book, because I seem to agree with the authors almost every step of the way. Sure, there are details where I might disagree, but not with the big picture that the book draws.

I always have mixed feelings about such books. I agree with the authors far too soon when beginning to read them and this spoils the fun. I do not wasn’t to agree. I want to change how I think of stuff.  I am afraid of groupthink a lot I guess.

The truth is that if you’re planning to do a major change in your work life (and you’re a knowledge worker) you’ll want to read this. Mandatory reading if you’re planning to be the boss. It puts a lot of random thoughts you already had in the correct order. And that is the book’s advantage. It will only take you a couple of nights to find out.

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