“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”Yogi Berra

Once during a cataclysmic flood there was this priest that the rescue teams tried to save. “Children he said, go on and save other people in need. I am at the hands of God. God will save me.”. This happened between the priest and the rescue teams a number of times, until eventually the priest got drowned. When before the Maker he asked “How is it possible that you left me to drown, me who I lead such a devoted life?” and the Maker replied “And who do you think sent all those rescue teams towards you?”.

One of the hardest lessons to learn in your career is to let it go. But the hardest, especially if you think high of organisational loyalty is to let yourself go.

So I am taking my sense of duty and taking the fork.

– Are you not afraid? Of course I am.

One thought on “fork()

  1. Γιώργο το “Loyalty and Layoffs” του dbrady, που διάβασα με αφορμή το post σου, είναι καταπληκτικό. Ευτυχώς αυτό το attidute, πάνω-κάτω, το έχω από τότε που άρχισα να δουλεύω.

    Καλή τύχη εύχομαι όπου καταλήξεις, και είμαι αισιόδοξος γιατί οι ικανότητες δεν σου λείπουν. Σκέφτεσαι ακόμα (θυμάμαι μια σύντομη συζήτησή μας πριν 3-4 χρόνια) να φύγεις για εξωτερικό ;

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