Flame speed

As I was watching people passing to one another the Easter flame, I could not help but wonder:

We know that the wave’s speed is about 12m/s. So what is the speed of passing the flame?

Network scientists would also be interested in other stuff, like who passes the flame to who, or to how many and the like.

Happy Easter everyone!

2 thoughts on “Flame speed

  1. Happy Easter.
    Maybe the macro version of this, the Olympic flame has statistics, since it’s such an organized and meticulously planned operation.

    1. Oh how you reminded me of Pass the Flame! But in this case I am wondering about the speed of passing the flame within the temple, you know from the Priest to the last person participating.

      The speed of the Olympic flame is really not so interesting to me, since the whole event lasts a carefully calculated number of days.

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