When you have an idea you won’t work on, share it

Someone else will pick it up and do better work than you ever planned to.

The story goes like this: I was always fascinated by surveys like the ones Netcraft did. Over the years, more organizations added their own surveys, redoing what Netcraft did, or complementing what already existed with new research and data. I was always interested in redoing some of this stuff at the national scale, namely observing how the global surveys compare with similar ones about “greek” IP addresses or .GR domains.

Alas, two were the problems. .GR data is not easy to get access to and of course time there is not.

However a few months ago I bumped into this DNS census list which contains .GR data one can work on. And stuff that I wanted to do came back to haunt me. Knowing that I would not be able to find the time to do so, I hinted to my friends at Project Zero what would be something nice to work on. A few weeks later they came back with their preliminary results.

I am eagerly waiting for the next parts of their analysis.

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