This is not free Internet access

I just had the chance to browse through the proposal PDF about implementing free WiFi access throughout Greece, a promise made by the Prime Minister of Greece on 2013/11/5. It basically boils down to this:

Free WiFi Internet access is 30 minutes to surf the web. Then you disconnect and reconnect.

This is not free WiFi. This is not free Internet access and this is definitely not a growth enabler. Simply put:

This is how the environment embarrasses the Prime Minister (and the country if implemented verbatim).

Where is POP3? IMAP? SMTP? Hell! Where is ssh? This is the Free Big Firewall of Greece.

You people are supposed to know that the Internet is the network and the World Wide Web is a network application. You still have time to change the slides.

3 thoughts on “This is not free Internet access

  1. Απορώ μα την αγαθή σου προαίρεση να ρίξεις το φταίξιμο στο περιβάλλον του Σ. Λες κι άλλος από αυτόν το επιλέγει…

  2. I think this post of yours should have been written in plain Greek; the intended audience (those designing the system) will probably be somewhat linguistically challenged, judging by their technical skills and numerous typos in the PDF you linked to.

    I never had any expectation of greatness when the PM announced the provision of free Wifi access across the country. It reeked of a publicity stunt and it is exactly that. Given my extremely low expectations of it, I must admit I’m surprised at how they managed to embarrass themselves with this joke of an announcement.

    There should be a stipulation here that disqualifies statements like ‘provision of free internet services’ on any ‘provider’, State or private, that castrates internet connectivity. I can understand the bandwidth limitation, but every other limitation they impose on internet access is an implicit a priori admission of failure in system design.

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