“Hack like it’s the last day of your life”

Hack like it’s the last day of your life, cuz one day it will be.”

I had a neighbor who studied Movie direction. He told me that their final project was a movie that they would have complete responsibility on it, from the script to the final cut. They were advised to work on it like it would be their last movie, even though it was their first. Their teacher wanted them to do so for two reasons: Because for most of them that would be their last movie and he wanted them to put their best. And also because if this was not their last movie, they would never know which one would be, but they still had to put their best on the current project.

My neighbor had a career in the Health sector but he was always proud of his movie, even though very few people actually saw it. He had done his best.

PS: Just like Sid (whose death prompted Wim Remes‘s tweet), my neighbor is also dead.

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