GanetiCon 2013

As I am writing these lines the first GanetiCon is running its final sessions on the design and future developments of Ganeti. It has been a wonderful three days workshop with the great assistance of Google, Skroutz (who provided the venue of the conference) and GRNET (makers of synnefo).

While to be able to truly gain from the workshop a familiarity with Ganeti was expected, even people with remote knowledge of how it works could follow the works. This was mostly because of the way Guido Trotter run the design discussions and @apoikos‘s comments during those. Even thought this was more of a developers’s workshop, it is a pity that not many “plain” system administrators attended. You do not often have the opportunity to meet people who write the software tools that you use. You do not often get the opportunity to discover how they think and what shapes their decisions. And you do not often have the opportunity to see this happening for software that demands scale.

Congratulations to all who took the stand to present their work (and IMHO especially to good friends @apoikos and @kargig) and to all those who took the effort to attend.

I’ll leave you all with an idea: Hold the second GanetiCon at the same venue!

All presentations from GanetiCon 2013

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