A junior DBA discovers consulting

After reading this (in Greek) a friend, who works as a junior DBA at a bank, sent me these dialog exchanges between him and a highly costing consultant:

  • Friend: I think that rebuilding the indices once a week just because this works is not the proper method to deal with the problem. Shouldn’t we be looking at other stuff like table fragmentation for example?
  • Consultant: Look, rebuilding and reorganizing the indices once a week is good practice because you know, it works!

Two years pass and:

  • Consultant (the same): In order to be sure when to rebuild the index, you should look at the table fragmentation level.

By the way, if someone is interested in a junior DBA who can put in the hours needed to solve problems and is not afraid of studying in depth in order to do so, drop me a note so that I can put you in touch.

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