A traveler’s guide to cyber security

I am a big fan of Jeffrey Carr‘s “Inside Cyber Warfare“, so when he wrote “A traveler’s guide to cyber security” I went along and bought it. The booklet is exactly what the title says: A traveler’s guide. It puts you into the mind frame you have to have when you visit a foreign country (sometimes it may not even be a foreign country, it may be a certain building) and what measures to take in order to protect (as best as you can) your electronic data.

It is divided roughly in three parts, the first one being the measures that you have to take depending how high profile a target you assess that you are. The second part presents the legal framework within which Russian and PRC agencies operate, while the third is an interesting collection of news articles about espionage stories all over the world which involve cyber activities in the process.

Fun reading, cheap, small (40 pages) and handy to show when a less technical “higher up” needs to understand stuff.

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