Lean vs Fat behaviours and the Public Sector

Lean behaviors” is a fantastic paper written by Bob Emiliani. If I was to use a highlight marker, I could easily paint the whole paper.

“[an organization] must possess an ability to change how it thinks, which requires a culture characterized by trust, shared responsibility and openness to experimentation without fear of failure“.

“Lean behaviors are defined simply as behaviors that add or create value. It is the minimization of waste associated with arbitrary or contradictory thoughts that leads to defensive behavior; ineffective relationships, poor co-operation, and negative attitudes. […] [“fat” behaviors] include the display of irrational and confusing information that results in delays or work stoppages, or the articulation of unsubstantiable subjective thoughts and opinions. Fat behaviors are recognizable as lots of talk where nothing has actually been said, or indirect words whose meanings are subject to variable interpretations”.

What an accurate description of the Public Sector!

[The cost of communication waste]

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