The (next) government game

Assume that after elections two coalitions are formed. Let’s call them Player1 and Player2. Player1, although they can rule, wants Player2 to join them in forming a Government. Player2 refuses and aims for reelection where they believe that they will be in a better position. It is all a game of success and failure on the government to be formed:

The Government Game

So in the case where Player 2 believes that Player 1 cannot make it alone, they bet on their downfall in order to win the next elections whenever they are. And while Player 1 knows that they cannot make it, even with Player 2 on board, they push for their participation so as to make them irrelevant too in the next elections.

Any similarities to present day politics is purely coincidental.

2 thoughts on “The (next) government game

  1. Given the premise, this shouldn’t be described as a symmetrical game. That is, the time-constraint factor should be included in the matrix. Also, Player 1 is not Neutral to cooperation-success, while Player 2 does not perceive as loss the “All go down” option.

    1. Indeed the matrix is a bit deceiving. A real game theorist (and not a mathematical tourist) could have made a better one.

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