Where Wizards Stay Up Late

A lot of us think that they know fragments of the birth of the Internet. Most of these fragments we cannot put in the proper chronological order, nor are they always accurate (with the most notable example that the Internet was invented as part of the US nuclear defense).

If you make even a penny from the Net you must read the book. You will learn a lot about the “founding fathers” (even if many of them disagree on who is the elder one) their dreams and the bottom up emergence of TCP/IP and the Net (in contrast with the top down push for the OSI protocols). Learn the history (and pre-history) of the medium until the early 90s. You have to.

One thought on “Where Wizards Stay Up Late

  1. I’ve read it some years ago and remember parts of it to be a bit dry. Maybe I should read it again now. Thanks for reminding me!

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