Sometimes Santa visits you through the Net

In discussions with @MrBoJensen we’ve concluded that most of the times virtual friends (people who we do not actually know) surprise us with their positive and supportive reactions. Yesterday I was to be surprised twice this way.

Through the Theory of Computing Blog Agreggator, I learned about “Security and Game Theory: Algorithms, Deployed Systems, Lessons Learned“. After seeing the price of the book, I tweeted:

New book on Security, Game Theory and Algorithms | Pretty expensive for me though

At $64.99 the book carries the typical price from academic publishers. Which of course results in making knowledge contained in the book inaccessble, a contradiction to the very publication of a book. Really people someone has to make the Laffer curve for academic books, paper and textbook prices. Maybe you’ll understand. But I digress.

Minutes after I posted my complaint the Net responded. In my INBOX resided a gift of $64.99 to buy the book. A friend, a net friend whom I’ve never met but with who I’ve discussed various issues over the years and a mutual respect has grown between us, decided that I needed a Christmas present. THANK YOU Sakis. I am deeply moved.

Hours later yet another amazing gesture came. This time from a highly accomplished and respected Greek (a role model one would say). Again I stood speechless for a while trying to comprehend what had happened.

This is not the first time virtual friends have helped me out. But these two incidents forced me to publicaly thank them all because virtual friends never stop to amaze me. They make the Net a better place.

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