“died of states’ rights”

I am reading the first paragraph of “Local Defense and the Overthrow of the Confederacy“†:

“In recent years it is becoming more apparent to students of Confederate history that the Confederacy collapsed more from internal than from external causes and the most disastrous of these internal ailments was the attempt of the southern people to practice their theory of state rights during the war. This destroyed the possibility of cooperation, embittered and demoralized the people, and pitted the state governments against the Confederate government like hostile powers. This struggle between the states and the Confederate government extended into many fields, mostly related to the conduct of the war. One of the most important of these fields was the matter of local defense. It is the object of this paper to present a careful study of the policy of local defense in the Confederacy, and show how it contributed to the downfall of that government.”

How’s that any different from the EU (the Confederacy) and the financial crisis (the conduct of war) it is in right now?

[†] – Interesting paper for Game Theory newbies by the way

One thought on ““died of states’ rights”

  1. I’m afraid you may have a point there. I’m not very concerned about the economical consequences of the current crisis (much as they will be bad), but I am rather concerned about the political consequences. I recently read Stefan Zweig’s autobiography about how the landscape changed in 1914 (and then even more in 1939): how it suddenly mattered a lot which country had issues your passport. (Example: Zweig, a Jewish refugee living in the UK was considered potentially dangerous because he had an Austrian passport.)

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