Observations from a house broken into

  • Schneier’s Law holds for households. No matter where you’ve hidden it, the burglars will find it. They’ve seen it before.
  • If you want a post assessment on what inside your house has some street value, just make a list of what is missing.
  • A friend observed that people probably do not upgrade their locks as frequently as their software.
  • Why did this happen to me? Why not, indeed.
  • Every day you discover another thing missing. Confusion: Was it stolen or is it just misplaced?

8 thoughts on “Observations from a house broken into

  1. Sorry to hear about that. I know the feeling and it is terrible. Trying to see the glass “half full” I’d say “thank god nobody was harmed”

  2. Very sorry to hear that. Probably the worse part is the feeling of someone entering your private space. It’s thankful indeed no-one was hurt.

  3. I will agree with all the above that the fortunate part is that no one was hurt. The unfortunate part is that you were kind of “forced” to be liberated from the material things that surrounded you. I hope that your “dead tree stack” along with the other books were not harmed!

  4. Sophisticated locks just put away opportunistic thieves: if it’s too hard they’ll go next door. Otherwise they’ll find a way to break into: through a window or even break down the entire door frame. In such context I would not invest a lot of money for a door-lock and also wouldn’t bother upgrading it (at the same time I never give keys to anyone for any reason and I never label keys).

    Hope they find those who did it and your stuff. (not as unlikely as you might think)

  5. On one hand I’m very sorry to hear that… on the other hand some very intresting notes on security.

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