check_compat vs MIMEDefang

We have a user that wishes to have messages sent from discarded by our mailservers. The natural choice for such blocks seems to be FEATURE(compat_check). In fact we had a number of other users with similar requests that were serviced this way. The problem in this case was that the xyzw part of was not constant or predictable and finite. Naturally I thought that a local version of the check_compat ruleset would suffice, since $* matches all possible such hostnames. But it seems that according to the bat book this cannot be done while also using FEATURE(compat_check):

Note that although with V8.12 and later you can still write your own check_compat rule set, doing so has been made unnecessary by the FEATURE(compat_check) (§7.5.7 on page 288). But also note that, as of V8.12, you cannot both declare the FEATURE(compat_check) and use this check_compat rule set.

Since I did not wish to tamper with our this time, MIMEDefang came to the rescue: filter_relay is called with arguments both the sender and the receiver and that took care of it. But again, had I chosen to write this using sendmail’s language, it might have looked ugly, but it would also have been a one-liner (ugly but elegant in its own way).

One thought on “check_compat vs MIMEDefang

  1. FEATURE(compat_check) checks after accepting the mail and can produce backscatter, so filter_relay which rejects early in the smtp conversation is definitely better.

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