cybernetics and cyber war

My favorite cyber crime story is still from 1994: “The Technology Secrets of Cocaine Inc.“. Mostly because of this:

The traffickers have the advantages of unlimited funds and no scruples, and they’ve invested billions of dollars to create a technological infrastructure that would be the envy of any Fortune 500 company — and of the law enforcement officials charged with going after the drug barons. “I spent this morning working on the budget,” the head of DEA intelligence, Steve Casteel, said recently. “Do you think they have to worry about that? If they want it, they buy it.”

I’m going through a lot of the current literature on cyber war, cyber crime and how the cyberspace is the new dimension.Strategies and tactics are being published and there are even people who write about regulation of cyber weapons (go figure).

With all this noise generated on the subject from all kinds of people, maybe it is time to make the leap and start thinking about moving from cyber space to cybernetic space. War (and organized crime) is a lot about management (and many aspiring management suits recite “Art of War” seeking enlightenment and higher ground) so it seems natural to me that cybernetic management deserves a chance as a strategic tool.


3 thoughts on “cybernetics and cyber war

  1. Hello,

    Some time ago I wrote a post about the 3 cyber crimes (hacking stories) that impressed me the most. Since you have a much deeper knowledge on the field would you mind sharing what were the top 3-5-10 similar stories that impressed you the most?

    Best Regards,


    1. I do not claim deeper knowledge on the subject. My only claim is that I devote a lot of time reading about it. That being said, the story behind “Cuckoo’s Egg” stands out because to me it seems linked to the Soviet MTR doctrine.

      But just to name a few stories, these include Conficker, Stuxnet, the RSA hack, Titan Rain, Aurora, Night Dragon and although not exactly in the same league, but because it is useful food for thought, the largest tinyscheme deployment ever.

      Unfortunately, I do not have high hopes that the most interesting ones will ever become available to the general public for study. Or even to me.

  2. Most of your mentions are unknown to me, which makes an excellent reading for my free time.

    Thanks for sharing :-)

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