3 thoughts on “Bluefire Reader

  1. Για δοκίμασε και το Stanza αν δεν το’χεις κάνει ήδη…Είναι εξαιρετικό.

  2. Did you replace the BeBook reader with the iPad?

    What is your experience with the BeBook after using it for some while now? Still recommended?

  3. @UrBaN:
    Έβαλα και το Stanza. Έχει περίπου το look-and-fell του Bluefire Reader και το πλεονέκτημα πως διαβάζει αρχεία DJVU.

    I am still a very statisfied owner of a BeBook Mini. However the Mini with its 6″ screen is not suitable for reading papers, mathematics or other technical documentation. It is excellent for literature, especially when reading ePub documents. I still use it daily while on the bus and I think I’ve charged it three times within a year.

    The proper screen size for a reading device is that of the iPad. However at the same price of a big ePaper/eInk device one can buy the iPad and have a PDF reader (iBooks, GoodReader), Adobe DRM reader (Bluefire Reader) ePub and DJVU reader (Stanza) plus a Kindle! So there really is no question on what to buy when having such a budget. The downside with the iPad as a reading device is that you (at least I) cannot read for as long as when reading on the BeBook Mini.

    If you read a lot, go for a BeBook and the like. If you want to study technical documentation and mathematics, go for an iPad or other similar in screen size tablet.

    (You should also know that I got my iPad 1 second hand)

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