My review on “Algorithms on strings”

My review on “Algorithms on strings” (for which I’ve blogged before) for the ACM SIGACT News is out. There’s a typographical error though: I did not review “Algorithms on strings” by Dan Gusfield, but “Algorithms on strings” by Crochemore, Hancart and Lecroq.

Thank you Bill Gasarch for the opportunity and thank you for fixing the typo too!

PS: You can download the review PDF from Bill Gasarch’s site.

Update: The review entry is corrected in the ACM site: Like Bill Gasarch wrote to me: “There is no such thing as a final version of anything anymore!

2 thoughts on “My review on “Algorithms on strings”

  1. Nice review, George! I especially enjoyed the description of how the book is organized and the introductory text that explained why string algorithms are still an interesting and vibrant field of research that affects real, every-day engineering challenges, like those a postmaster faces.

    1. Thanks! This book combined with a local string guru has proved to be a goldmine.

      As for string processing, it is an everyday task for every postmaster (and system administrator) and therefore the deeper the understanding, the better the result.

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