Never press the “Send” button

This is one of the most useful pieces of advice ever given to me, and it happened 15 years ago:

– Never press the “Send” button when you are angry. Get up from your chair and take a walk instead.

15 years ago I pressed the button. Then N.P. came to me with the advice above. Thank you N.P.

6 thoughts on “Never press the “Send” button

  1. I’m getting so many tips from this blog! However, maybe you should try Tumblr. I think it’s more suitable for small, useful posts like this one!

    1. Once a friend told me that I microblog through my blog. It is true. Some posts are indeed the size of a tweet. But keeping them in this blog allows for some “permanence” feeling (as opposed to just tweeting them) and having them all in one place (as opposed to having a blog, a tumblr, etc).

      1. tumblr and twitter and defacebook and … are all just another “corporate data silo” (as Dave Winer calls them). Keeping the spirit of the real web alive means keeping in control of your own “content”.

        So what if your posts are short? They contain a striking thought. You don’t post what you had for breakfast, but what *thought* you had, which is really valuable.

        Also your post reminded me of the times I made that mistake and the many, many times I told myself this thing. Thanks for the reminder!

        1. I think that Tumblr let’s you download your posts in xml format but I’m not sure (and too bored to test it). Tumblr and posterous are optimized for micro-blogging that’s why I mentioned one of them.

          Every person and/or user must weight the privacy vs convenience bargain and make a choice.

          I’m reading “Little brother” right now, which deals extensively with privacy issues.

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