If you cannot kill the content, kill the path that leads to it

One can stop content distribution by DDoS-ing the networks hosting it. This is a direct attack from one opponent to another. There are also some indirect attacks that people rarely think about (or notice). For the content to be reached, two things must be available: routing and DNS. And these are services that are not necessarily under the administrative control of any of the two parties in conflict. And they can even be easier targets, since they can be put in the position to choose between one customer and the rest of their 500K customers.

With Wikileaks now moving to wikileaks.ch, are we to expect a DDoS on the .ch DNS servers?

When are we going to see Wikileaks blackhole routing? Or routing to its DNS servers being blackholed? Or even to its parent ccTLD, making whole countries invisible to DNS? I wonder whether has anybody collected any data on that…

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