C interpreters

I spotted today on Hacker News an article about PicoC, a small C interpreter. This triggered my memory in a journey back in 1994 when I had asked over at comp.compilers whether any C interpreter existed. It was then that I learned about ICI, a cool C-like scripting language that deserves more attention, the Quincy C interpreter which evolved to an IDE, and Smac, the C-like
interpreter that comes embedded with the XCoral editor.

Then there are also CINT which is part of an even more interesting project, and of course Ch.

But the coolest interpreter that I’ve seen, is written by Diomidis Spinellis:

#include "/dev/tty"

It changed the rules for the IOCCC.

3 thoughts on “C interpreters

  1. Adamo, ψάχνω για κάποιον C compiler στα Windows που να υποστηρίζει δικτυακό προγραμματισμό (να έχει δηλαδή το socket.h κτλ). Έχεις κάτι υπόψιν σου;

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