Q: ITU botnet mitigation toolkit?

This was sitting in my drafts folder for quite some time. It seems that ITU has (had?) and effort to create a botnet mitigation toolkit. As the web page says:

The first draft of the background material for the project was made available in December 2007 with pilot tests planned in a number of ITU Member States in 2008 and 2009.

It is 2010 now, so does anyone have any more information on the toolkit’s progress?

4 thoughts on “Q: ITU botnet mitigation toolkit?

  1. That is what I thought so too. It is kind of disappointing to see such large bodies, that want to play a significant role in Internet governance, initiate ambitious projects only to see them stagnate after a while. It seems that the “We believe in rough consensus and running code” motto has not taught them anything at all about the true nature of the Net’s governance.

    1. @thanasisk
      Please explain, last time I checked ENISA didn’t produce any standards or had to do anything with the Net’s governance

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