IPv6: an exercise

Today’s RIPE training course included a very interesting exercise:

We will run out of available IPv4 addresses before we run out of the need for IPv4. But we may be able to make more efficient use of the IPv4 addresses we already hold.

Within your group, think of areas in your network where you could reclaim IPv4 addresses. This can be done by changing some parts of your network to use private IPv4 address space, or you could change the way you have subnetteed, or some other way entirely…

Also think of which networks can already be completely migrated to IPv6 (not dual stacked!) without any problems.

You and your group have 10 minutes to come up with all reclaimable IPv4 addresses in your networks.

For each area, we’d like to know:

  • advantages
  • disadvantages
  • feasibility
  • amount of address space/time it will provide

Within these 10 minutes I was able to locate about 3 (maybe 4) /24 networks that could be reclaimed and I am sure that discussions with our routermasters will reveal some more. The time to act for IPv6 is now.

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