The price of our vote

We knew for ~30 years that a day like yesterday would come. We just hoped that it would come later.

4 thoughts on “The price of our vote

  1. I honestly can’t believe we genuinely hoped that the day would come later (therefore fall unto our children’s backs). I think more precise would be to say that we just preferred not to think about when it would come. Perhaps by considering it akin to a random unavoidable event, like an earthquake, we avoided responsibility in our minds… :-(

  2. Yes, it’s called “kick the can”, and politicians EXCEL at it. When given a choice, they ALWAYS look for the short term gain and leave the long-term pain for later.

    The problem with kick the can is every time you kick it, a bit of cement goes in the can. There comes a time when you try to kick it and you break your leg instead.

    In the end, the math always wins.

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