pwgen for Windows

pwgen is a handy package that runs on Linux (among other systems). According to its description it “generates random, meaningless but pronounceable passwords. These passwords contain either only lowercase letters, or upper and lower case mixed, or digits thrown in. Uppercase letters and digits are placed in a way that eases remembering their position when memorizing only the word”. I use pwgen -1 for “one time only passwords” like when subscribing to mailing lists or web sites that require a username/password combination and I am not sure that I will stick with them. In other words, passwords that I fire and forget.

Unfortunately, it does not run under Windows, which is what I am working on some of these days. The code is pretty standard though, and with some minor tweaking, like borrowing a getopt(3) implementation and using srand(3)/rand(3) instead of /dev/urandom (Windows does have a similar capability) porting it to Windows was easy.

Having the source around is always handy! For those who do not want to do it themselves, here is a link to the (compiled with Digital Mars C++) binary: wpwgen.exe

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